Sara Sea, LMT

Sara specializes in using massage for pain reduction and elimination. Whether you have acute or chronic pain, Sara uses different tools and techniques to get to the root of the problem. Sara offers: Neural Reset Therapy®, trigger point therapy, deep tissue massage, Swedish massage, relaxation massage, and prenatal massage. Sara focuses on what you have going on. Sara can help with a recent or old injury, a joint replacement, throwing your back out, migraines, tennis or golfers elbow, chronic neck or back pain, a neurological disorder, poor posture, small aches and pains, plantar fasciitis, or even just sleeping on your neck wrong.  Sara works with healthcare providers to offer a great compliment to Western medicine. Sara has a Bachelors of Science degree in Biology. She spent 18 year working in biomedical research at the University of Iowa. During that time, she developed an interest in muscular pain and enrolled in East-West School of Integrated Healing Arts. After graduation from East-West’s 1000 hour massage therapy program, Sara went on to be trained and certified in Neural Reset Therapy®.