Ginny Greene-Hanna, LMT & Instructor and Master Certified Neural Reset Therapy®; Quantum Alignment Technique Practitioner; Owner

Ginny is the owner of Synergy Massage, a native of Cedar Rapids, and has owned Synergy Massage for over 10 years. After several years in the business world, Ginny was able to pursue her desire to study massage at East-West School of Integrative Healing Arts in North Liberty, which has led her to this wonderful point in her career and life.

In July of 2014, Ginny became the first woman in Iowa to become Master Certified in                  Neural Reset Therapy®. She is passionate about and specializes in Neural Reset Therapy® and has had many amazing client results! Not only is she practicing NRT in the clinic, she is also an NRT Instructor (after being a Teaching Assistant for many years under Ralph Stephens and Lawrence Woods). Ginny has instructed classes in The Netherlands, United Kingdom, Iowa, Nebraska and soon Pennsylvania.  She is so excited to share the work of NRT with you!

Ginny became Titleist Performance Institute certified Level 1 in 2017. She has set up partnerships with local golf professionals and fitness professionals to assist golfers with their physical needs. She recently became certified in the TPI Level 2 Medical path which is helping  golfers and non-golfers alike. If you want to improve your golf game with changes to your body mobility and/or stability (motor control), see how Ginny’s TPI certification can help you!

To reach Ginny directly, please call the main Synergy Massage number (319) 360-0645.