Types of Massage

Neural Reset Therapy®

$70/60 Minutes

NRT is a fun and easy approach to getting rid of muscular pain and tightness. Clients love it when their pain vanishes in seconds without anyone grinding and pushing on their tender areas. They get pain relief in seconds without adding to their pain during their session. This can be a wonderful massage modality for getting a chronic or acute pain out of it’s pain pattern.  This type of massage also boosts your immune system as well as produces a deep relaxation response.  (60 minute session is recommended for new and returning clients.)

Quantum Alignment Technique

                                          $100/90 Minutes | $70/60 Minutes 

QAT is a method of removing the charge of trauma from tissues and connecting tissues to the sensory-motor cortex of the brain.  We will be using quantum field-infused devices to do those actions.  Oscillating plasma fields are used to imprint quantum field information into a piece of copper enclosed in a vinyl jacket.  There is another process to permanently quantum entangle the QAT devised.  This all sounds wildly esoteric, but it is not.  There are very dramatic real-time changes when these devised are used appropriately. 

QAT can also be used to balance the acupuncture meridians.  Twenty-four acupuncture points are used to test and balance the 12 meridians.  This balancing can serve to improve organ function as well as restore muscle function. 

There is an emotional process possible with QAT.  Clients report that it can be a profound experience.  It is conducted without any talking.

This modality combined with NRT is a great combination to your healing!


Therapeutic Massage

$100/90 Minutes | $70/60 Minutes | $55/30 Minutes

For the person who enjoys relaxation massage work at any pressure level. Techniques used may include traditional “Swedish” massage or sports massage. Soothing to the muscles as well as the psyche, therapeutic massage takes the body into the ‘relaxation response’ where healing can begin.  It also boosts your immune system!

Combination NRT/Therapeutic

$70/60 Minutes |  $85/75 Minutes  |  $100/90 Minutes  |  $125/120 Minutes

The session begins with Neural Reset Therapy® to remove any tightness, tenderness or ticklish areas. The time remaining will be a traditional relaxation massage.