Types of Massage

Therapeutic Massage

$95/90 Minutes | $65/60 Minutes | $45/30 Minutes

For the person who enjoys relaxation massage work at any pressure level. Techniques used may include Trigger Point Therapy, deep tissue manipulation, healing touch or aromatherapy. Soothing to the muscles as well as the psyche, therapeutic massage takes the body into the ‘relaxation response’ where healing can begin.

Neural Reset Therapy®

$65/60 Minutes | $45/30 Minutes

NRT is a fun and easy approach to getting rid of muscular pain and tightness. Clients love it when their pain vanishes in seconds without anyone grinding and pushing on their tender areas. They get pain relief in seconds without adding to their pain during their session. This can be a wonderful massage modality for getting a chronic or acute pain out of it’s pain pattern. (60 minute session is recommended for new and returning clients.)

Combination NRT/Therapeutic

$65/60 Minutes |  $80/75 Minutes  |  $95/90 Minutes  |  $120/120 Minutes

The session begins with Neural Reset Therapy® to remove any tightness, tenderness or ticklish areas. The time remaining will be a traditional relaxation massage.


Reiki (energy healing)

$60/60 Minutes  |     $45/45 Minutes   |   $75/90 Minutes

Reiki is a form of therapy using universal energy by using hands on, no touch and visualization techniques with the goal of improving the flow of energy to a person. It helps relax mind and body, eases pain, relieves stress, clears toxins, and promotes self healing. The Usui Reiki was developed by Dr. Mikao Usui. He had a spiritual experience after which he would help people to heal. The basic philosophy of Reiki is that the body has its own energy field and is central to health and proper functioning. When this energy is blocked or weakened by life occurrences, such as a dramatic event, stress, worry, etc. Reiki can help open up the pathways known a chakras.

For a more a more in depth explanation you can check out “The Free dictionary” by Farlex, they give a great in depth explanation on Reiki.